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About CanTone

As the awardee of Good Seed Programme 2022 organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), CanTone has become Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Innovative Programme in 2023.

Funded by the SIE Fund, CanTone aims to develop a fun, educational & evidence-based parent-child activity mobile app to help ethnic minority children learn Cantonese at home, so as to promote social inclusion.


The app will apply artificial intelligence (AI) to provide basic daily Cantonese vocabulary pronunciation and listening exercises for kids. (User Interface & content supports EM languages: English, Urdu, Nepali, Hindi)

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What makes us passionate about doing CanTone? Our personal experience.

Our Mission

Our Social Mission

We put focus on EM’s needs and try to narrow the gap and let EM kindergarten children have more methods, more support, and fair opportunities to learn Cantonese, so as to increase social inclusion.


Expected Impact

  • Recruit 2 people of diverse race and provide them with at least 80 hours of work

  • Develop a Cantonese learning app with translations in 4 languages (English, Urdu, Nepali, Hindi)

  • At least 50 kindergarten students of diverse race will benefit from trial use of the app prototype

We Need Your Support Today!

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